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but I’m not sure if students there realize what a fantastic institution and resource Cornell Cinema is. Filmmakers from all over the world know Cornell Cinema and admire the programming there. Years ago, there were organizations like Cornell Cinema at universities all over the country, and over time, they’ve gone away, because of VCRs and DVDs and now the Internet. The idea is like, “You can see anything online,” but it’s not really true, and there’s also that thing about the cinematic experience. It’s very different to see a movie in a theater than it is to watch it online. So Cornell Cinema is still around … and I personally am thrilled to screen something there and to come back.

Cornell’s computer-science department is one of the absolute top in the world. So I, of course, know the folks there and have always had huge admiration and respect for them. The fact that the Weill Cornell Medical College is in New York City was also a draw. Working directly with clinical innovators is essential to pursuing the mobile-health work that I’ve been doing at UCLA and will do at CornellNYC Tech.

From a greenhouse point of view, it would be better to replace coal electrical facilities with nuclear plants, wind farms and solar panels, but replacing them with natural gas stations will be faster, cheaper and achieve 40 percent of the low-carbon-fast benefit," Cathles wrote in the study. "Gas is a natural transition fuel that could represent the biggest stabilization wedge available to us.

But Cornell University scientists Ian Low, Joseph Lykken and Gabe Shaughnessy, in a new paper titled, “Have we observed the Higgs(imposter)?” have called for caution. While the scientists admit that “The new resonance discovered by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could be the long-sought Higgs boson of the Standard Model,” the researchers point out that it is still uncertain that it is the “standard model Higgs.”

Both schools have proud college hockey traditions with significant ties to each other in both the immediate and distant past. The all-time series is tied, 3-3-1, with the last clash coming in an NCAA game March 23. Top-seeded Michigan took an early lead, but the Big Red won the game 3:35 into overtime on a rebound goal.